I because serious about photography while learning to not only shoot with intention, but also to develop my film and images as well. I got to see my projects through from conception to final print and my hands and intentions were the only things taking part in it. It was all me. It was hard. With film photography, you are shooting blind (sort of). You have all of this technique. You have a camera, film, light, subject, but until you develop your film and print that first photograph, you don’t know that you were successful or not.  The whole process was could take anywhere from a day to weeks or months. 

It’s not enough to creatively understand what you are attempting to capture. You must have the technical expertise, as well as the artistic eye, to confidently create your images. Film photography is a exercise in patience. When  your patience pays off with the exact image that you wanted, it is magical. If you can apply that patience and intent to digital photography it becomes an art not just a random hope and a prayer to achieve your goal.


So, regardless of your photography medium, envision your image in your mind’s eye, prepare as best you can, take a deep breath and wait. Wait for it to occur. Wait to press the shutter release until your frame is just what you were waiting for. Be Patient.


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