What if you could have someone that totally understands you and where you are coming from, that's been where you are and has successfully made it through to the other side, who is happy to share and have your back to help you succeed? Sound like a dream? Like you are looking for a unicorn? Well, guess what, I'm your unicorn. Let's work on getting your photography to the level you've dreamed about.

— Michelle Obama

“Empower yourself with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise.”

"Heather, I am blown away by the images you were able to capture. Maddox is forever appreciative for the experience. Thank you so much!.."

Ever feel like you are constantly reinventing the wheel? As you grow as a photographer and a business owner, you will find more and more things that will challenge you creatively, financial and emotionally. I've been there and know I can help you navigate yourself to better sessions, more bookings from your dream clients, faster more consistent editing, super fun sessions and just a calmer more confident existence.


virtual / group / 1:1

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Join me for The Senior Process, a two day workshop in gorgeous Charlotte NC to explore Senior Portrait Photography. This fun filled workshop will include instruction on booking clients, mastering social marketing, styling your clients head to toe, how to "speak" teen to get genuine expressions and poses, take home templates for session preparation, what to expect and much more...

The Senior Process workshop

March 2022 — charlotte 

This monthly photography lesson will cover 4 weeks of a weekly topic, online notes, admission to my exclusive facebook group for tips/tricks, answer questions and constructive critiques, and the occasional field-trip fun with guided instruction.

Advanced Photography

in-person classes 

"Before Heather's workshop I had no idea where to start with my Senior Portfolio. Now I'm so confident I really look forward to my sessions and my clients are raving."


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it's never too early or too late to learn something new. Continuing to evolve as a photographer will keep your style and your clients growing with you. These courses are a self-paced series that will step you through new ways to think about your work and learn to incorporate that knowledge to fit your style. 

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