Have Camera… will Travel!

We all get into a rut. You make a photograph and it’s really well received, I mean like REALLY well received. And it is hard not to try to recreate that awesomeness. If you do it too often you forget how to see what’s in front of you and create based on that world. Be open to newness and recognizing when something is great, even if it isn’t what you “DO”.

The one thing this world the past year has taught me is that the 9 to 5, stuck in one spot, slave to a schedule and a routine is not necessary and definitely overrated. That includes my photographs. I have a camera, a laptop, and fabulous clients that love amazing places so why not offer to go to them in their happy place and create amazing photos along the way. Stretching yourself physically and creatively is where the magic happens.

Tips for the location journey:

~Have a Go Back ready with a quick overnight set of staples. one change of clothes, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, etc. (don’t forget to replenish upon returning anything that needs updated.)

~Do a quick research on location and see if there are any particularly photogenic spots that maybe you can show them. For this google is your friend, also scout local photographers to see their go-to spots.

~Bring a touch-up kit with you on the shoot. Be ready with a hairbrush, safety pins, blotter tissues, disposable lip gloss applicators and your go to lip tint collection. You often don’t have the luxury to run in the house and fix any mishaps.

~Think outside the proverbial box. If you have a crazy image pop into your head don’t be afraid to suggest it. They may be totally game to try it.

So grab a bag, comfy shoes, your camera and an open, creative eye and hit the road!

xoxo – Heather

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