ReInvigorated and a little ReDo

  I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Florida. It was full of visiting with family, reconnecting with wonderful friends, exploring my childhood home with my children, digging my toes in the sand, venturing into the beautiful Florida Everglades by airboat (a first for me!), eating fantastic favorites from the Sunshine State, exercising a little, drinking a bit more, recharging the creative juices and photography. Always photography!

I lugged a ton of photography equipment, outfits, tripods, the whole bit to play with creative portraits in the beautiful setting of Central Florida. Full of Spanish Moss covered Live Oaks, countless lakes, alligators, ibis, great blue herons and history. A history of generations, my history, now my children’s history to discover. We then traveled south to the beaches of South Florida with perfect weather, a light ocean breeze and more friends and family. I had time to think, rethink, and think some more about where my photography is going both professionally and creatively. I knew that it needed a new start. A fresh website, a real stab at the dreaded blog, a confidence in my work and my approach to my art. It’s not easy, my photographs all hold  a little piece of me. They are very personal, even when they are created at someone else’s request (maybe even more so!).

I’ve been working on revamping my website since my last trip to Florida in February. I felt it was mostly complete but wanted to let it sit for a bit to be  sure. I decided that I really like it. It feels good. It feels like me. I’m sure I’ll tweak it more ( I am a Gemini for goodness sake!) but it feels solid and definitely something I’m proud of. And so today I jump off the cliff with the new and the

Let me know what you think!


  1. Bethan Senn says:

    Beautiful!! Xoxo

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