Senior Portrait Season is NOW!

Get ready to take on the WORLD…

It’s that time of year. That time when High School is winding down for current seniors and amping up for next year’s seniors. I love and hate this time of year. I get very sentimental and nostalgic about my “Seniors”. And, yes, I do think of all of them as “mine”. On the other side of things, I get really excited about the year to come. The new group of Seniors, the Class of 2025, and how they look towards the future. It’s exciting and I love that I get to capture that.

Why should I get professional portraits made?

I often get asked why you should consider a professional shoot for your Senior. Teenagers are multi-faceted and one image will rarely show who they exactly are. They are teenagers. They are young adults. They are getting ready to go to college, but also enjoying and stressing about their last year of high school. They are accessing their lives, what they believe, who they are, who they wish they were, their likes and dislikes and who their true friends are. It’s a huge amount of stuff to be going through such young minds.

A professional shoot, at least the ones I do, gives your teen some one on one time to have fun. Try on different looks, not just clothes, but expressions, styles, and overall vibes. I take time to get to know them. I always come from a fresh place of not holding onto previous stages of middle school, soccer, dance, church, neighborhood pools, but to get to know them for who they are now and who they hope to be in the future. It’s fresh and exciting.

I want them to look their absolute best, but also their most genuine.

That’s my job to capture that and I LOVE it! I also love to have a mom or dad say to me, “I don’t see my pretty daughter in these photos, I see our eyes and heart and your affection for her and it means the world to me.” That is the ultimate goal for me. In a long winded nutshell, that’s why you hire a professional photographer.

You’ll never get this time back… why not create some special memories with them?

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