ready to learn beyond basic composiiton?

exploring the world through a creative lens

Don't get me wrong, you should learn to walk before you run, but now aren't you ready to stretch your creative legs and see where it takes your photography style and personality?

If you know how to manipulate your camera to do your bidding, change your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. If you know how what the white balance is and how to change it, understand your histogram and use your meter to adjust your settings and better yet, know when to ignore it, then this course is for you.
If you want to explore creative lighting, reading photographs, layered compositions, creativity and inspiration, then this course is for you

Welcome to Advanced Photography.

Ready for stretch your creativity?

— Kathy

“I had no idea that I was capable of this level of photography!”

Having an experienced photographer  to guide you through learning the techniques, the planning  and preparation for a shoot, and understands the feeling if you don't reach your goal is important. 
Having a mentor that has your back and supports your vision is EVERYTHING!

Photography takes practice and preparation

Guess what... with this course you get BOTH!

but guess what...

Adv. Photography
through a creative lens


Whether you are dusting off an old hobby or unboxing a brand new experience. Photography is a way to express, escape & explore, creating all along the way. This course will challenge your knowledge & creativity of photography and your art.

September will include tons of stuff... just no people! 
We will cover Flat Lay Photography, Landscape Photography, Nature up-close and personal and Artistic Floral Photography with Studio and Natural Light 

October is all about the senses. We will cover Patterns & Textures, Still Life: how to build and photograph them, Color vs Black and White and how to get the best of both, Adding Energy to a photograph without adding Movement.

The Fall 2021 Lineup 

anything but people

Feel it



This isn't just about photographing people, it's about making photographs that captures the stuff that makes your heart skip a beat and moms get teary. We will cover Storytelling with images, Lifestyle & Documentary photography, finally to celebrate the holidays, advanced posing of groups of 5 or more people.

A Family Affair

november- 3 weeks

Are you up to the challenge?

How It Works

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Make sure your camera is good to go, memory cleared & battery charged


You'll receive detailed info of time, dates and location for your class. In-person  as well as virtual version


Open your mind and get creating, and along the way develop a great supportive group of fellow photographers.


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.”

-bill brandt

I'm Heather, your new bff and tribe leader.

Let me love photography and everything about it (me too)! You love sharing your pictures, and everyone is loving them. You know how to use your camera, but don't feel the confidence everytime you push the shutter. You are feeling a little bogged down and lacking creativity in your images. You want to know MORE and have it feel like second nature!!!! 
I've been there, and I can help. Let's get a tribe together and get your photography to the next level, technically and creatively. You'll love getting excited to make photography a priority when it fulfills you.

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